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Something Old by Ducks

When All Else Comes Undone...

Something Old - B/A Fanfic Series by Ducks
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Private LJ community for fans and betas of theantijoss's epic B/A fanfic series, "Something Old".

If you'd like to join, please email Ducks -- ducksfanfic @ yahoo . com. This community is for discussions of completed chapters and the overall series, as well as a central location for beta readers and Ducks to meet.

If you've never read Something Old, and you're in the mood for some old school smushy smutty fluffy angsty morshy overwrought melodramatic B/A with plot, give it a whack. You might like it. *G*

1.) You may not post anything from something_old without Ducks' express permission. That means any posts, chapters, ideas, or whatever.
2.) All members are welcome to post here, but *only* Something Old-related discussion. Please, no introductory posts, adds for other communities, etc.
3.) Have fun and feed back! :)
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