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Something Old - B/A Fanfic Series by Ducks

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Attention Betas! [Jul. 11th, 2004|05:22 pm]
Something Old - B/A Fanfic Series by Ducks


If you expressed interest in wanting to beta chapters, I've got a few for you to look at. My question is, do you want me to:

1.) Post them behind a custom lock here on the SO LJ?
2.) Email them to you?
3.) Add you to my Yahoo beta list and send them as I usually do?

Let me know, and I'll take care of that tonight or tomorrow.

[User Picture]From: fuckedifiknow
2004-07-13 06:18 am (UTC)
Your continuing SO *huggels*

You've made my year!!!!!

and didn't that come out sad and wrong?

*hugs you again* will you marry me?

OOOh and on another note... GET RID OF BUSH!!!!! to quote Cordelia "i know who's president and kinda wish i didn't" truer words never spoken... I may be english and therefore have no say in your politics but with our pm lickin ur pres' ass 24/7 we're scrwed too!
Ok rant over...

once again love you "so" much for continuing SO... *smooch*

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[User Picture]From: theantijoss
2004-07-13 10:46 am (UTC)
*cries* You know? I used to LOVE Tony. Then he let me down, man. :(

Politics suck.

But SO is fun! *G*
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