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Something Old - B/A Fanfic Series by Ducks

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Something Old -- The original story. [Jul. 10th, 2004|10:09 am]
Something Old - B/A Fanfic Series by Ducks


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Know known as Book 1. Although many of you may not be aware of the fact that originally, Something Old was a one shot piece of fluff written in response to a challenge by a friend of mine. I don't even think I have the text of it anymore. *G*

How the Hell it grew into this monstrosity is beyond me.

Well, since I did say this community was built to inspire me, I've got an assignment for you. Let's talk about Book 1. What's your favorite scene? Favorite lines of dialogue? Was it Book 1 that hooked you? And if so, why?

In other words, lets chit chat about Something Old -- The Original. *G*

[User Picture]From: angelbuffy0
2004-07-10 10:44 am (UTC)
Hehe well I just printed it out along with the other chapters I had yet to print. Then I bound each book. Amber got on me for the use of all the paper and toner. Funny is how each book is fatter than the last one. All 4.5 chapters and the Ballad is a whopping 2.5 inches thick. Chapter 4 is almost an inch alone.

As soon as I finish Heat I will reread one. I am looking forward to it. YAY!!!
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[User Picture]From: lynner_k
2004-07-10 10:45 am (UTC)
I soooo loved this series and am more than excited that you are doing this....

For SOB 1: I'd have to say my fav lines we're these:

"Do you want me?" she asked him as she had earlier.

His chest heaving, his cool breath softly puffing against her face, he answered, "I need you."

For me, this sums it up Angel and his feelings for Buffy..He not only loves her, he's always needed her. She brought him out of the alley, whether she knew it or not, and started him on his road to redemption. The same road, the took him away from her...

Probably pretty simplistic..I'm not much of a writer, but I know what I like...

I so loved this story....

Hope all is well sweetie ! *HUGS*

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[User Picture]From: lana_r88
2004-07-10 01:03 pm (UTC)
Hmmm, talking about SOb1...
Well, i was pointed in the direction by article on fanfic and smut(a Daniel Erenberg, mabey).
There was a challenge a the end of it and I was detereminend to read it and not get addicted. I failed miserably.
I read b1 and marathoned the rest of the books; heck I even uploaded it to my PalmPilot to read on my morning commute to school and/or work.
One of my fav dialogue pieces is fr the prologue:
" Angel stared at Cordelia dumbly, clutching his towel around himself and dripping all over the floor.

"What do you mean, *poof*?" he asked, confused.

Cordelia crossed her arms angrily, "I MEAN, one minute: pretty LA morning through the front window. Next minute? *POOF* Pretty view blocked by skinny blonde!" "

After that i knew it was going to be great. And when i got to the sex part???? Colour me enjoying;)

And my fav scene? would be the build up to the first date, the date and the aftermath...guess that isn't one scene, huh?
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[User Picture]From: susan_sexyshoes
2004-07-10 02:22 pm (UTC)

Something Old

Saw this at your LJ and thought I'd come over and Beg to be allowed to join. I wouldn't be any help as a BETA but would love to speak to others about SO. I don't update my LJ cause my life's to boring. I actually just did it so I could continue to communicate with Gia since her's is protected *G* So here's the begging part, I would give you... well, not Angel/Angelus or Christian not even Tarzan for that matter. But I would share sometime (maybe) not doing to well on the bargaining part huh? Would pretty please do it?

As for favorite things about Book 1, I'll go back and read that again after tomorrow. Today I have to finishing re-reading "World's of Longing" for the Chosenfics chat tomorrow and it's going to take all day.
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[User Picture]From: lucindacapone
2004-07-10 05:10 pm (UTC)
Love to talk about SOB!!!

And actually, the first book wasn't what got me hooked. I was already soaking up all of your fic (I believe I've told you like a million times that you were my first fic writer - WoL *sigh*)....and I came across The Suckverse....

Specifically The Ballad of the Suckverse. And since I didn't know what the bloody hell was going on, I was, of course hooked from the start, eagerly reading to find out what WAS happening...and enjoying the hell out of the confusion in the meantime.

Only after I'd read it did I start on Book 1. Backwards, perhaps, but all things considered, EXTREMELY therapeutic. *g*

I'll write more on the actual Book 1 in a bit. Have dinner plans for now though.


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[User Picture]From: cputrbug
2004-07-10 10:31 pm (UTC)


The first fanfic I ever read was "A Face So Familiar". I had done a Yahoo search for Buffy fiction and it was the first one that came up that looked interesting. I liked it so much that once I finished it, I did a search for "Ducks" and BANG! I landed in DenialLand. I can honestly say I've never been the same since. Heh.

Anyway, I read SO back when you had just started Book 3, I think. I do remember being anxious to read what happened after Book 2. So, without further ado, here are my SO:B1 thoughts:


I love the way this is set up, where the explanation for Buffy’s "Poof" is carried through the various characters. The conversations intertwine and it really starts the story on a nice flow. Plus a great piece of writing with each character picking up the key word from a previous scene.

The "Sorry I didn’t call first" always makes me chuckle.

Chapter 1:

The conversation between Cordelia and Doyle was very good. *sigh* I miss Doyle, even after all these years. And, you gave Cordelia much more humanity than the writers ever did. Also, Old-School Cordy was a hoot! Lithium Boy. Ha!

Chapter 2:

"Oh!" Willow said, "Ohhh."
Spike laughed heartily, "OH, LORD! Hoo hoo! Poor Fish Boy... hahahahahaha..."
This cracks me up. This was the first time I'd heard Riley referred to as Fish Boy. And also, I loved Snarky Spike from Season 4 and you’ve got him down just right.

Also, Giles knowing that Riley was a short-timer for the Scoobies was cool. He’s a lot more perceptive in your stories than he was in the show. Once Giles left the library, his brain function dwindled, IMO.

The B/A argument: I could totally picture them in each other’s face and then In Each Other’s Face :P You really captured their personalities and the S4 Buffy perfectly.

"This is better than Showtime!" Spike snorted. Yes, it is!

Chapter 3:

I loved this chapter – especially the end. Angel watching Buffy instead of the play, reminded me of Pretty Woman when Edward watches Vivian during the opera.

The reunion was great. Angel crying was really sweet. He’s so sensitive, and yet manly. *G*. So, B/A are reunited and the fandom rejoiced!

Chapter 4:

It was nice to see them working through the Riley/Kate issues and discussing their relationship. The shower scene was good. I thought Angel's quip about water conservation would have made a great PSA for my employer - Californa EPA. I jokingly mentioned it to my friend who works for our Public Affairs Office over lunch one day – she is a big DB fan - but she didn’t think it would fly. [DB steps out of the shower, wrapped in an itty bitty towel with a few stray water drops running down his abs..and then he says, "My name’s Angel. I live in Los Angeles and I only take 5 minute showers to help California conserve water...afterall I could be around for a few centuries. Please do your part to help preserve California’s resources." Hee.]

Chapter 5:

I do not like Xander. I didn't like him in the show (I wanted to strangle him during DMP, Revelations and Selfless), and he's not winning any points with me in this story either. The phone sex was cute and hot.

Chapter 6:

Angel reciting poetry during sex...*sigh*, I just love it when he does that! *G* Also, Buffy and Angel's argument about the day that wasn't - nice that Angel showed his own feelings. A lot of stories I've read about TDTW have Angel cowing to Buffy, groveling for forgiveness. I think this is one of the few that actually have him putting things back on her a little. Refreshing.

So, can you tell that I love this story, or what? The only thing that you may want to look at if you ever get time is correcting the few spelling and grammar errors. There aren’t many, and they don’t take away from the story at all, but I thought I’d mention it.

So, on to Book 2?
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[User Picture]From: mickiemojo
2004-07-11 11:33 am (UTC)

SOB:1 reread

In "homage" to In Living Color - The TV Show...LOVIN' IT!! Give it Two Snaps!!

Really what's not to love. So here are the things that touched me:

The characters are pitch perfect. I can close my eyes, although I don't,cause hey reading, and hear the characters and visualize facial expressions. That's good writing.

I enjoy how each character is reintroduced in the story and how interactions with each other lead us into the story that is Something Old. The supporting cast is not dismissed out of hand. We see Doyle and Cordelia beginning anew (darn I miss Doyle, that was Cordelia's match,IMHO), and Riley and Kate not swept under the carpet, but addressed honestly as a part of Angel and Buffy's journey. The story speaks of honesty and they got their nicely.

First date, sex without thoughts of the curse(I know storyline was CWC with plot) and the wonderful selection of Phantom of the Opera (with links know less :o))was beautiful. Buffy's forgiveness of Willow and then dishing. Angel's realization that he needed to be Buffy's friend in addition to her lover was so endearing, as she talked about her feeling of not being "liked". Angels reassurance that took a unique and interesting turn with a new and different sex toy, who knew the phone had other uses? hehehehe

We got pictures, true heart rendered pictures. Buffy deciding to transfer to UCLA and I loved this description: "His smile played across her mind like a ray of sunshine. Buffy relished the thought for a moment, then folded the paper to envelope size. There really wasn't any other choice she could make." Just have to ask will we get to see Buffy actually at UCLA, it would be cool to see Angel as her tutor in many way's.

I enjoyed as the reader the hint's and reminders Buffy and Angel were getting from IWRY(episode)events. How could we love Angel any more than when he is reciting the poem to Buffy and making that a part of his tactile exploration of her. This was it: "As he collapsed in her arms, her body's warm sweat gluing him to her, Angel understood, finally, what his destiny truly was: To love her. That was all." GAHD!!

Then you ripped me to shreds, when it all came together for Buffy and she just left. I was glad to see that as much as Angel loved her he didn't suppress his anger at her reaction. It gave such an emotional level to the characters that anything less would have been trite. For me it stayed true to the need for honesty that started the story and finished it.

Oh and Spike was priceless: "You are just something else. The both of you. I thought you two were finally going to get just a little greedy and selfish..maybe get yourself some long-term happy; you know what I mean? But, No. No, not you two drama queens..always with the angst and woe.."

SOB1 has set a very nice tone for the series that leaves you wanting more.

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From: contagous_
2004-08-08 02:13 pm (UTC)


I remember when I first started reading (good) fanfic, I kept seeing dedications to 'Ducks' in AN's and I got really curious about who that was. I started going through archives and searching for Ducks fanfic and I found past stories and comments along with author reviews submited. (stalkerish, I know) SO after the first Ducks fic I read I was totaly hooked and I joined groups that Ducks posted to, so I could Lurk and read the stories. Anyway, One day a challenge was posted, I thought it was a pretty good idea, pretty open, But when Ducks accepted it... I KNEW it would be something great!
I was hooked before I even read the story...

I love the intro to the fic. It was perfect.
'Sorry I didn't call first' It was serious but light I was laughing the whole time, I love the image of Angel clutching a towel while cordy rants about Buffy poofing into the office!

I'm not sure but I think chapter three was my favorite. I've never seen
Phantom of the Opera but after reading it I felt like I had. It was described so well, And Angel staring at Buffy...

When they got back to the apartment and Buffy was shaking, I thought that was the most realistic scene I ever read.
The only thought I had running through my mind was If I HAD any money I would definitly send it to you, you WAY more than deserve all the millions of $ talented writers get.
I've never read anything like that, not even from a published author.
Even Ducks Smut is beautiful and poetic...

I will probibly post another one with actual examples and quotes or maybe an awnser to the original question, because I haven't read book one for over a year and i'm sure after I re read it I won't be able to stop talking about it.

Do you believe in forever?

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[User Picture]From: theantijoss
2004-08-08 04:55 pm (UTC)

Re: SOB1

Aw! Thank you! *hugs* I love hearing stories like that!
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